Who We Are

TEEN ATTACK is a family clothing brand that offers products and services to the youth and young adults worldwide while attacking their dreams. We are also working very hard to provide centers for the youth to give them a second home to explore and tap into their callings to walk in their purpose in life. We believe that every individual is their own person and with a little guidance we can help push them to their full potential to conquer their dreams. We want teenagers to feel wanted and needed in each and every community across the world. We feel like the youth is overlooked and we want to help change that! We believe in integrity, dignity, and community involvement while the youth sports and represent our clothing brand “TEEN ATTACK”.


TEEN ATTACK was formed and created by Chiquita back in 2018 along with her two teenage children Destini and Marcus. We are seeking all teens to be a part of a great movement and highlight priceless moments in their youth lives. It’s time and way overdue to wake up the youth and help keep them focused and close towards accomplishing their dreams.


The mission of TEEN ATTACK is to inspire each boy and girl and give them the ability to learn and know who they are by providing them educational tools to educate and teach them to apply to their life to set them up for success. Each teen has a purpose to fulfill here on earth and we want to be that guidance and hold their hand every step of the way towards reaching their dreams. We want to provide mentor-ship, leadership, encouragement, sister and brotherhood bonds that will last a lifetime. This movement is here to impact the youth and bring awareness in areas of improvement within our communities.



Our vision “Come grow with us while wearing our brand” is beyond a family clothing brand. Here we want you to feel like we are your family too. We want to close the gaps of stereotypes and focus more on your needs to be successful. We believe in every teen to simply be themselves and to tap into their own individual talents they have to better help them achieve their dreams in life throughout their teenage years up to adulthood. Opening up our youth center will help us achieve this vision even more.